Radon Testing

Get Accurate Radon Test Results Within Two Days

Get Accurate Radon Test Results Within Two Days

Choose Venture Property Inspections for radon testing services in the Cement City & Jackson, MI area

If you're concerned your home has elevated radon levels, you can't afford to wait around for radon inspection results. Venture Property Inspections can give you a comprehensive report within two days. That's why we're a leading provider of radon testing services in Cement City, Jackson, MI and surrounding areas.

Your five-page electronic report will include up to 72 data points and easy-to-understand graphics. Call 517-759-9727 now to learn more.

What does a radon test involve?

Radon, which is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It's impossible to detect with the five senses, so we use sensitive SunRADON equipment in every radon inspection in the Cement City, MI area.

The 1028, which is the model we use, provides on-site testing, analysis and reporting for faster and more accurate results than other continuous radon monitors. Schedule radon testing services today.